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What is Zenploy?
Zenploy is a modern and visual recruiting software (ATS) that allows companies to manage their job ads, candidates and interviews without hassle. Thanks to Zenploy our customers streamline their hiring processes and take better hiring decisions. We really aim at making recruiting frictionless and delightful for every person involved.
Does your solution apply to my case?
Zenploy is flexible and customizable so it can easily adapt to a large number of situations, from early stage startups to global companies and even recruiting firms.
What makes Zenploy different?
At Zenploy we work hard to provide the best HR solution. What makes us different is that we built a powerful and easy-to-use solution which is connected to the best services out there to ease your workflow. We are also the only solution that cover every step of your hiring process: from sourcing candidates to onboarding new hires.
How much does Zenploy cost?
We offer several plans, all including 7-day free trial.
Take a look at our pricing page for more details.
I need help, how can I reach the Zenploy team?
This page is a good place to start with if you're having issues or questions. But you can always contact us at, we'll help you promptly.
Is your software compliant with the GDPR?
Yes, as of May 25, 2018 Zenploy is fully compliant with the General Regulations on Data Protection (GDPR). At Zenploy, we make privacy a priority and we place a high value on data security, for both you and your candidates. For information,

  • our servers are hosted by Amazon Web Services in Northern Virginia (Privacy Shield Compliant).
  • we use 256-bit SSL encryption when transmitting data to our servers.
  • we do not use, transmit or resell any personal data.
  • you can access, modify or permanently delete your data, at any time, as well as those of your candidates (GDPR, Right to be forgotten).
  • we make available to you Terms of Application (ToA) to which candidates must consent when submitting personal data. They indicate what will become of their data (storage, management & processing) and how they can exercise their right of revocation of consent.
  • it is planned to warn our customers and their candidates in case of data breaches.
Do you have an API?
We have a read-only API that is very useful if you plan to create your own career page. Fetch job titles, descriptions, locations, teams, etc... from Zenploy and plug it into your page. Take a look at our documentation to know more.
How can I customize the application form?
While creating a new job offer you have the ability to customize the application form and ask optional or mandatory questions to candidates while they are applying on your career site.
What do you mean by multilingual career site?
Zenploy allows you to have a multilingual career site. You have nothing to do, we automatically detect the language candidates are using and display your career site in their own language (or in English by default). We currently support English (en_US), French (fr_FR) and German (de_DE), and we're working on adding more.
Can I import candidates or leads?
Yes it is possible. On the candidates page, click on the top-right button "..." to bring up more options. Then select "Import (format CSV)" and upload a CSV file that contains information about your candidates and/or leads.

The CSV file can contain the following columns (in any order):

Column nameRequiredDescription
emailYesEmail address of the candidate
first_nameYesFirst name
last_nameYesLast name
phonePhone number
website_urlPersonal website url
github_urlLink to Github profile
twitter_urlLink to Twitter page
facebook_urlLink to Facebook page
googleplus_urlLink to Google Plus page
linkedin_urlLink to LinkedIn profile
job_idYes16-character reference for the job the candidate applied to (leave it empty for leads).
You can find it on the job page in Zenploy. E.g. qBcgS7fOP6TdEYRj
document_urlsYesLinks to a downloadable documents (resume, cover letter, etc...), seperated by "|" when there are many. You can use Dropbox or Drive for example.
current_company_nameCompany they currently work for
current_job_titleCurrent job title
tagsList of tags to associate with the candidate or lead, separated by "|" when there are several of them.
Can I export my candidates or leads?
Yes it is possible. On the candidates page, click on the top-right button "..." to bring up more options. Then select "Export (zip file)". It will start exporting all your candidates and leads, a file will automatically download once it's finished. It will be a zip file that contains your data in a CSV format, along with the associated documents.
I have published job offers to Indeed but I can't find them, is it normal?
Indeed can take up to 48 hours to process your publication and they can reject your publication based on their own criteria. It is recommended to publish all your job offers that are public if you decide to use the Indeed integration otherwise they might be rejected by Indeed.
Can I create message templates?
Zenploy allows you to create templates to use when communicating with candidates. You can manage these templates in the "Communication" section under the "Settings" tab (to be noted that only admins can manage templates for now).

While creating a template you can define merge fields that will be provided when using the template. We offer built-in merge fields that will get automatically filled. You can insert a merge field into a template by using the following syntax: %{field_name}.

Field nameMeaning
company_nameName of your company.
candidate_emailEmail address of the candidate.
candidate_phonePhone number of the candidate.
candidate_first_nameFirst name of the candidate.
candidate_last_nameLast name of the candidate.
job_locationLocation of the job the candidate applied to (e.g San Francisco, CA).
job_departmentName of the department associated with the job they applied to.
job_titleTitle of the job they applied to.
job_linkLink to the job offer (Zenploy career site).
application_dateDate the candidate applied.
application_share_linkLink to the shared candidate profile.
interview_locationLocation of the interview.
interview_departmentCompany department associated with the interview.
interview_schedule_linkLink to the interview schedule.
What are the different types of steps I can define in my custom pipeline?
You can define four different types of steps, each one has a semantic meaning that is used to define what actions can be associated with that step.

Step typeMeaning
NewUsed to triage candidates who have just entered the pipeline but aren't ready for screening yet.
ScreeningUsed to screen candidates before scheduling more in-depth interviews with them.
InterviewUsed to handle scheduling and managing interviews for candidates that have passed screening steps.
SelectedMeant for candidates that have passed screening and interview steps but haven't been hired yet.
How do I get to my career site?
Go to the Overview tab and click on the career site link under Shortcuts.
How can I enable/disable email notifications?
Click on your name in the right top corner, select "My account" then check or uncheck notifications as you wish.
How can I enable/disable automated communication with candidates?
Go to the Settings tab, click on the "Communication" tab, then decide which type of communication should be automated.
How can I delete a candidate?
Go on the candidate profile you want to delete, in the top right menu, click on "Delete".
How can I disqualify a candidate?
Go on the candidate profile, in the top right menu, click on "Disqualify".
How can I edit a candidate profile?
Go on the candidate profile you want to edit and click on "Edit".
How can I unpublish a job from my career site?
Go on the Jobs tab, select the job you want to unpublish and then go under the Publications section. On "Your career site" row, click on the "Cancel" icon to unpublish the job from your career page.
Where can I see candidates who applied to my jobs?
You can see them on every job page, under the "Active candidates" section. Or you can find them right in the candidates pipeline under the Candidates tab.
How can I add a team member?
Go to the Team tab, click on "Add user" and then input user information. An email will be sent to him with a link to access his account
How can I edit/delete a team member?
Go to the Team tab, hover on a member and use the icons on the right side to either edit or delete.
How can I add, edit or remove locations and teams?
Go to the Settings tab, click on "Localization". Then add, edit or remove them as you like.
How can I share my job openings on social media?
You can share your openings on social media directly on Zenploy or from your career site by using the social media icons.
How can I enable/disable employee referrals?
Go to the Settings tab, click on "Referral Program" and manage your employee referral program from there.
How do I search for candidates?
Click on the search bar at the top. Input a name, phone number, tag, position or company name to find candidates.
Tip: You can also use filters to reduce the number of candidates shown.
How can I cancel or edit an interview?
Go on the candidate profile. In the "Interviews" section click on the cancel icon or the edit icon for a given interview.
How can I collect applications from non partner job boards?
If you posted your job ads to non partner job boards, there are two solutions to collect your applications into Zenploy:
1. Place the unqiue job url at the beginning or at the end of your job ad. This way we will automatically track which site candidates came from (Recommended).
2. You can also use the unique email address, which is automatically generated when you create a job, to route all your applications into Zenploy.
How can I collect applications from partner job boards?
Nothing to do, it's all automated once you've published to them!
How can I post jobs on social networks?
To post your jobs on social media you have to enable integrations under the Integrations tab. Once you create jobs you will be able to post jobs on the channels you activated.
How does views/applications tracking work?
Each time a person click on one of your jobs url on the web (Google, Social media, Job Boards, etc..), we use cookies to know where they came from. You can find all candidates channel tracking in the Analytics tab.
How can I invite a recruiter to join the discussion about a candidate?
If one of your team members is not involved in the hiring process of a candidate, you can use the @mention (e.g. @john) in order to invite him in the discussion about the candidate. An email will be sent to him with the comment details. If your team member has been involved in the hiring process of a candidate, you have nothing to do. He will be notified as soon as you post a message.
How can I define an interview model for a given job?
While creating a job you can define an interview model in order to automate scheduling. At the 4th step (Interviews) click on "Create a new model" and set up your own interview process for this job.
How can I inform candidates and recruiters about their upcoming interviews?
To inform a candidate about his upcoming interview, you have to go the Interviews section on his profile and click on "Send schedule". An email will be sent to him with all the interview details. To inform a recruiter you have nothing to do, an email will automatically be sent to them a few hours before the interview.
How do I create a job ad?
Go to the Jobs tab, then click on "Post job".
Follow the different steps that guide you through defining your ad.
How can I add interviews to my calendar?
We are integrated with Google Calendar, so you can add job interviews to your own calendar. You simply have to enable the Google Calendar integration under the Integrations tab. Each time you schedule an interview, it will be added to your calendar.
How can I post jobs on partner job boards?
Firstly you should go to the Integrations tab, enable the integration of job boards you are used to publish your jobs on. Once enabled, the selected job boards will appear in your channels list right after creating a job. Thanks to these integrations you will be able to publish jobs and collect all your applications directly into Zenploy.
I posted a job on a partner job board, but I can't see it. Is it normal?
Publications are subject to validation from job boards, which can take between 24 to 72 hours. Your job offer may have been rejected by the job board depending on its own publication criteria.
I unpublished a job on a partner job board, but the job is still visible. Is it normal?
Unpublications can take between 24 to 72 hours depending on each job board. Past this period please contact the job board directly.
How can I republish a job that has expired?
Go on the given job, under the Publications tab and click on the "Edit" icon. Within the pop-up, click on "Republish". That's it, your job has been republished!
How can I update a job published on a partner job board?
Go on the job you want to update, click on Edit in the top right menu, edit your job and save. Then, go to the Publications tab and click on the "Edit" icon. Within the pop-up click on "Republish". That's it, your job has been updated and republished!
How can I manually create a candidate?
Go on the Candidates tab, then select "new candidate" and manually input the candidate information.
Tip: Don't hesitate to add tags, it will help you sort candidates.
How can I refer a candidate?
Search for the candidate you want to refer, go to their profile and click on "refer this candidate".
Note: You can only refer a candidate before an interview has been scheduled.
How can I customize my career site?
Go to the Settings tab on, then in the "Profile" section. You can add a logo and a description for you company. These will automatically appear on your career site once set. Also you can add your social media handles and turn candidates into followers.
How can I schedule an interview?
It's easy! Go to the Candidates tab, then simply drag and drop the candidate to the next step and follow the instructions to schedule an interview. Or you can search for the candidate you want to interview, then click on "add interview" on their profile. You can also create several interview rounds.
I hired a recruting agency, how can I handle that?
Zenploy works well with recruiting agencies! If you have hired an external recruiter to source and screen candidates for you, you have several options to import applications:
1. Add the external recruiter(s) to your Zenploy team with limited rights.
2. Create a unique job link with the name of the external recruiter, this way he will be able to import candidates to your pipeline by using the application form on your career site .
3. Ask your external recruiter to send you a CSV file containing all the information related to prescreened candidates and import all applications data into Zenploy (see: Can I import candidates?).
How can I customize an interview scorecard?
When you create a job, you can customize and define candidate traits needed for the position. It will help interviewers know what they should focus on during and after interviews.
How can I pay for my subscription?
Go to the Settings tab, click on "Add card" in the Subscription section.
How can I cancel my subscription
Go to the Settings tab, click on "Cancel plan" in the Subscription section.
Note: You will lose access to paid features and your team members will get locked out.
How can I switch plan
Go to the Settings tab, click on "Switch" in the Subscription section.
Where can I see my payment history?
In the Subscription section under the Settings tab. The summary of your payments will be shown there once there is at least one.
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